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earth.jpgGerrard Fess wrote a great post called: Top 10 DOs and DON’Ts for a mission trip. His lists are great, and you should check them out.

Having led more than my share of youth missions trips throughout my time in ministry both as a receiving missionary and as a youth pastor bringing the group, I would add a few Do’s to the list.

So here are some of my DO’s for Youth Missions trips:

  • DO use your students’ talents and gifts (and tailor the trip to their giftedness).
  • DO bring adults who have a heart for missions AND students.
  • DO pick who you work with carefully. The missionary or national organization you work with can make or break your trip.
  • DO realize you aren’t going to save the world in a week. Sometimes you help the long-term effort without seeing immediate results.
  • DO be sensitive to the host culture and train your students to do the same. There will be differences, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong (although many times we think they are).
  • Maybe later I’ll think of some DON’Ts. Check out Gman’s post here.