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Brent Carl writes a great article about having “no regrets” in ministry. He talks about his struggles and how God has provided for his family as he lives a life of sacrifice. It serves as a great reminder for us all. Here’s an excerpt:

It was as if a light went on in my spirit as God brought situation after situation to my mind of how he has been guiding my life to this point, and in the process every decision that I have made in accordance with His leading has also affected my wife and kids. I mean I knew that that is the way it works, but as I sat there listening to the song I was really blasted with the fact that every decision I make impacts others…especially my family.

I must be honest, that kind of reality scares me to death, because that adds a ton of pressure…I mean its one thing to follow God’s lead for your life, but when there are three other lives included in the decision, it changes things for sure.

My hope and prayer is that my kids, just like Mark Stuart of Audio Adrenaline can look back 20 years and say…”I was the son of a preacher, and he was a rich poor man.” And that my wife can say the same kinds of things about her husband, because the truth is, that this path of ministry that we’re on is never going to bring the things that this world points to as success and symbols that you’ve arrived.

Check out the rest of it at his blog 97…3…the Stat.