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Today a youth pastor from the USA asked me for some advice on training youth workers in Mexico. He’s going there on a mission trip and is looking for resources. I have lots of resources, of course, that will help the youth workers there. One of them is a large book in PDF format that one of my friends (the author) gave me. I have permission to share it, so I tried to email it. It was too large. So what did I do?

I went to twitter and asked for advice on how to send large files. Here are the responses I got.

  1. Valdez: Used Pando a few weeks ago. 1GB max, but easy to use.
  2. McLanea: I upload to a web server and give the recipient the link.
  3. SimplyInsider: check out you can send up to 100 MB free or pay to send up to 2 GB. we use it and it is super helpful…
  4. Justinross: This site has worked well for me-

That’s why I love twitter! In a matter of minutes, I got the answer to my question. I eventually used It was easy and fast. I’m sure all of the suggestions are useful.

What do you use for sending large files?