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“Youth ministry would do well to acknowledge that it is a fundamentally theological task. It attends to divine action: it seeks to do its work in a manner that is faithful to (and strives to articulate) God’s action in the world.

Youth ministry is a uniquely theological task that examines how divine action connects to human beings in the first third of the human lifespan.”

(Source: Youth ministry as an integrative theological task: toward a representative method of interdisciplinarity in scholarship, pastoral practice, and pedagogy by Andrew Root – Journal of Youth Ministry Volume 5 Number 2 Spring 2007)

Parental Controls for Video Games Wed, 24 Feb 2010 02:45:32 +0000 I saw this article today and thought it might be handy for youth workers. It’s called: Using Video Game Parental Controls, and it shows especially how to set up parental controls for Xbox 360. Check it out.

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Animoto All Access Thu, 14 May 2009 03:23:19 +0000

Today I tweeted, asking “is an animoto all access account worth the money? what do you think?”

Here are the responses I received:

@tonyRoos said: i have the all access account for two reasons. Downloadable and longer than 30 seconds.

@shawnmichael said: hey also have a great program for non-profits:; I currently have a free 1year pro-account

@saraeden said: I really think Animoto is worth the money. I get a lot of use out of it. It saves me a ton of time 🙂

@sdishong said: yes…. i use it all the time!

@randy_moore said: I like it and use it often.

So, I went ahead and signed up for it. I made this video quickly from my family’s vacation photos.

If you sign up for an all access pass, use my referral code: utkhbcxw and get $5 off.

Free Thousand Foot Crutch Song Fri, 01 May 2009 04:19:35 +0000

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